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In the treatment of the breast cancer, there have been very important developments in recent years on the knowledge of the breast cancer in detail. The most important of these developments is chemotherapy treatment, which has significant advantages in patient survival with different drug combinations in which individual-specific treatment is applied in the light of the information we have gained about the biology of the breast cancer. 

The purpose of chemotherapy is to destroy the cancer cells, to reduce the effectiveness of cancer cells and for preventive purposes before the surgery in the tumors that are large in the breast or in widespread cancers that have spread to the axillary fossa. It can also be applied only as a first treatment in the patients whose breast cancer has spread to other organs. 

Chemotherapy is a drug treatment administered by a medical oncologist and administered by oncology nurses. It is generally applied as 4 – 8 cures every 21 days in the breast cancer. When deciding on the chemotherapy treatment, the medical oncologist decides according to the general condition of the patient, co-morbidity, age, stage of the disease and biological characteristics of the tumor. It regulates different drug treatment combinations according to the data of each patient. 

Chemotherapy usually starts 2-3 weeks after surgical treatments, after wound healing is complete. Before starting chemotherapy, the blood tests recommended by the oncologist are performed and if the blood values are appropriate, treatment is started. 

In recent years, targeted therapies that can be combined with effective chemotherapy drugs called smart drug therapy have been applied to patients with 2 receptors positive, which has been examined from tumor tissue in breast cancer. 

It is very important to establish and maintain a dialogue with your medical oncologist and oncology nurses about coping with the possible side effects and side effects of the chemotherapy. The process related to the side effects is very closely related to the drug treatment given, the doses and how the patient responds to the treatment. It should be noted that these side effects are temporary. Due to the loss of ovarian functions because of the chemotherapy in women of childbearing age, your oncologist should be consulted before the treatment, and the method of egg and/or embryo storage and future pregnancy should be evaluated. 

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