What are the Breast Cancer Risk Factors?

There are some identified risk factors for the breast cancer. It cannot be said that people having these risk factors are definitely get the breast cancer. We can only say that they are more likely to develop the breast cancer than those who do not have these factors. However, 70% of the breast cancers do not have any risk factors. In addition, only 10% of these risk factors are the factors that we will be able to change. To put it bluntly, the women having the risk factors are required to be followed more carefully and frequently with further examinations if necessary. In addition, the women who do not have any risk factors should not disrupt their controls. 

These risk factors: 

Age: The incidence of the breast cancer increases with age. Most common is between the ages of 50-60 years old. 

Personal breast cancer history: The probabilities of developing the breast cancer in the women who have had the breast cancer before and have been treated are 3-4 times more than normal women. 

Breast cancer history in family: The probability of catching to the breast cancer in the women who have had the breast cancer among their family members are more than other women. For example, the probability of catching to the breast cancer of a woman whose sister or mother has the breast cancer has a 2-5 times than other women. 

Having a breast biopsy before: The risk slightly increases in some benign diseases found in the breast. 

Early puberty, late menopause: Staying hormonally active for a long time increases the risk. 

Fertility history: Not giving birth or having the first birth after age 30 increases the risk approximately twice. 

High socioeconomic level: It is a western-style lifestyle. Like giving birth late, eating habits. 

Those who are treated with estrogen hormone: The rate of the breast cancer increases in the women who have been on estrogen therapy for a long time (more than 10 years) due to menopause. 

Alcohol use: The risk in the women who drink a lot of alcohol relatively increases compared to the women who do not drink alcohol. The risk of catching to cancer of a woman who drinks 3 glasses of high-grade alcohol a day is 2 times higher than a woman who does not drink at all. 

Obesity and fatty nutrition: The nutrition type that is rich from the point of fat and weight gain increase the risk of the breast cancer, especially in menopausal women. Regular exercise and physical activity reduce the risk of the breast cancer. 

Identified breast cancer risk factors 


  • Advanced age
  • Previous breast cancer
  • Strong family history
  • Breast disease spectating with atypia detected by biopsy



  • Obesity (especially after menopause)
  • Breast cancer in first degree relative
  • Past ovarian or uterine cancer
  • Radiation on the breast
  • Never giving birth or having a first pregnancy age above 30


  • Alcohol intake
  • Being first menstruation age under 13
  • Being menopause age over 55
  • Use of birth control pill
  • Hormone replacement therapy related to menopause

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