Antalya is Turkey’s fifth most populous city with a population of 2.222.562. It is located entirely in the west of the Mediterranean Region and was established between the Gulf of Antalya and the Western Taurus Mountains. It is the sixth largest province of Turkey in terms of surface area. There is the Mediterranean in the south, Muğla in the west, Burdur and Isparta in the north, Konya in the northeast, Karaman and Mersin in the east.

The province of Antalya developed rapidly after 1980 due to favorable climatic conditions and tourism activities, and in parallel, the city has become the fifth most populous city in Turkey today. The economic life in Antalya is largely based on trade, agriculture and tourism.

The region covered by the province of Antalya has hosted many civilizations from prehistoric times to the present and is the province with the most ancient cities in Turkey. Antalya, which was under the rule of Lycians, Lydians, Pamphylians, Pergamons, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks, Ottomans and finally the Republic of Turkey, it was not the capital of any of these civilizations.

The entire province is located in the Antalya part of the Mediterranean Region and is under the influence of the Mediterranean climate. Except for the settlements, most of the province’s territory consists of plateaus covered with grain fields.

The 3rd Infantry Training Brigade Command under the Turkish Armed Forces Land Forces Command and the Air Field Command under the Air Force Command are located in Antalya.

Antalya is the host of the 2015 G-20 Summit and Expo 2016.

Antalya is the locomotive of tourism in Turkey together with Istanbul. Antalya is a province with tourism opportunities and facilities in all four seasons. In Antalya, especially cultural tourism, sea, sports, health, winter, congress, plateau, cave, camping and faith tourism can be done and there are facilities for these tourism options.

As it is described as Turkey’s tourism capital, Antalya hosts many hotels in different categories. Especially the excess of 5-star hotels in the province draws attention.

The places where cultural tourism will be predominantly carried out in Antalya are various parts of Antalya’s coastline stretching from Kaş in the west to Gazipaşa in the east. There are dozens of ancient cities, historical buildings, historical mosques and churches in this region. Sea tourism in Antalya is also carried out along the coastline. In this region, sea tours can be made together with coastal tourism. The most known points of sea tourism are Cleopatra, Konyaaltı and Lara beaches.

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