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"Two days ago, I had an operation from Mr. Ali. He successfully removed the mass in my left breast. I did not feel any pain during or after the operation. There was no situation that required me to use painkillers for 2 days. If he had not been so optimistic and concerned about this treatment, I might not have been so calm at the moment due to my situation. I would definitely recommend him in the field of General Surgery."

Neriman K.

"On January 5, 2012, my right breast was removed. I myself worked at the hospital for 21 years and am retired. He motivates his patient so well before the operation, I entered with a smile, I woke up very peacefully pain-free after the operation, you are close to your patients like a brother and sister, God bless you, I love you so much my dear doctor, regards...."

Ayhan Ş.

"My surgery was performed by Mr. Ali Özlük on Thursday, March 1, 2012 and the mass in my left breast was removed. His interest, relevance and knowledge before the operation gave me a lot of confidence and I had a successful operation as a result. I have no pain, I have no ache, I am extremely satisfied with my doctor, the best thing is you can always call for any questions, I thank him very much, he helped me overcome this difficult process successfully, I hope that the number of qualified doctors like him in our country will increase."


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