What is the Breast Cancer?

The breast tissue consists of 14-15 pieces mammary glands and the ducts that carry the milk produced here to the breast nipple. The uncontrolled proliferation of cells lining these milk glands (lobular cancer) and their ducts (ductal cancer) and continued proliferation in various parts of the body starting from the bean-shaped underarm lymph nodes on the same side constitute the breast cancer. Usually, a cancer mass is formed with an uncontrolled and unhindered proliferation by starting from a cell. It is not known exactly which factors cause the breast cancer. However, some factors were determined in the studies conducted. While gene mutations (disorders in genes that cause cancer predisposition) in some women increase the risk of the breast cancer, in other women the risk factor comes from being a woman herself. 


The breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women. One out of every 8 women is diagnosed with the breast cancer during her lifetime and 33% of all cancers seen in women constitute the breast cancer. The breast cancer is also seen in men. The breast cancer is seen in 1 man for every 100 women diagnosed with the breast cancer. Although the breast cancer has increased in the population in recent years, significant decreases have been observed in the breast cancer-related mortality rates with early diagnosis. 

The findings in the breast cancer and its diseases are generally similar. Definitive diagnosis is made only by examination, imaging methods and open or needle biopsies. These findings include palpable breast mass, gland under axillary fossa, swelling in the breast or thickening in the breast skin, change in the shape or size of the breast, discharge from the breast nipple, change in the color or texture of the breast or breast nipple (such as retraction of the breast nipple, deterioration of unsymmetry, skin changes). Apart from this, it is also possible to diagnose the breast cancer that has not yet produced any findings during screening. The cancers found like this are usually at an early stage. 

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