Breast Diseases

What is the biopsy technique performed with wire marking in the breast? 

It is the process of preoperative marking and removal of the place of the tissue that is not palpable in the breast examination, cannot be detected, but is found suspicious after imaging methods and is decided to be removed. 


Pain in the Breast (Mastalgia – Mastodynia) 

Pain in the breast is one of the most common breast complaints. They are disturbed by anxious thoughts such as why do women experience pain more than breast pain? Is it a symptom of a serious illness?  


Benign Masses in the Breast 


They are fluid-filled globules originating from the milk ducts in the breast. The fibrocystic breast tissue and fibro cysts are seen in 60% of women and vary in size (millimetric and sometimes a few centimeters). Rarely, it can reach large sizes, which we call macrocysts. Simple cysts have no risk of becoming cancerous. Diagnosis is made by breast ultrasonography. 


Breast Nipple Discharge 

Although the discharge from the breast nipple is not important most of the time, it can be a sign of cancer, although it is rare. For this reason, the breast nipple discharge should be taken seriously and evaluated by a specialist physician. 


Breast Infections 

They are microbial infections of the breast tissue. It usually occurs due to cracks in the breast nipple during breastfeeding (lactation). 

Signs of the infection in the breast are firmness, redness, pain and increased skin temperature. 


Breast Inflammation (Lactational Mastitis) 

In lactating mothers, an inflammation may develop in the breast, most commonly in the 1st postpartum week. Cracks, wounds, crusting and poor hygiene on the breast nipple due to breastfeeding cause microbe growth on the breast nipple. 


Periductal Mastitis 

It is one of the masticosis that occurs in the non-breastfeeding breast. It is a type of inflammation that starts around the breast nipple and develops around the milk ducts. The vast majority are associated with smoking. 


Granulomatous Mastitis 

There are two types including tuberculosis mastitis and idiopathic lobular granulomatous mastitis. 

The tuberculosis mastitis is more common in developing countries such as our country and in the patients with suppressed immune system (such as AIDS, chronic kidney failure). 


Breast Cancer 


The diagnosis of breast cancer is given to one out of every eight women today. A woman who learns that she has breast cancer is left with confusion, speculative discourse, misinformation and guidance. Right information and right approach are the most important beginnings in this rotation. 

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