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My physician Ali, whose heart is full of human love, before getting to know you, while taking the road I walk on glass shards as I make my way along my route; anxieties, fears, uncertainties, uneasiness, hopelessness... etc. but most importantly, there was the fear of not leaving my loved ones and seeing them again, not being able to walk together on the journey of life with my children, the sadness of what I wanted to do, my dreams, the sadness of being left unfinished, and the fear that many of my wishes that I could not put into words would be left unfinished. Until I saw your motto "Love Heals" I was very impressed with this saying. Once I got to know you and talked to you, I suddenly saw a physician who helped me realize miracles with your approach, sincerity, value you give to people, more like a psychologist than a surgeon, even like a friend, sibling or brother whom I have known for years. My physician Ali, who is the cure and hope for me to get out of that nightmare that I am stuck between the past and the future; first of all, I trust Allah with peace of mind and then to you in every subject and I thank my physician Ali for everything, who will help me continue on my path, which is full of those glass shards. Oh, by the way, Dilara Nurum talks about you constantly as "the doctor who cured my mother". May God be your helper in both worlds. Thank you very much for all the efforts of our physicians in Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I thank my physician Ali and all my physicians who make people talk from meeting to meeting to increase awareness and raising awareness, make all the sacrifices by sharing their knowledge and experiences, giving their compassionate hands to our patients, giving their compassionate hands, even the time to spare for their families, in order not to let dreams and hopes remain unfinished and not to surrender lives with collapsing cancers contributing to the flight by bringing together patients who share the same fate like birds with broken wings, May God always help you.

M. Demir

"Hello, I joined the group of wingless angels about nine months ago. I heard it from my physician Ali that those who experienced this ailment were angels without wings walking on earth, I liked this description at that time. I liked it but I was not ready at all to be an angel yet… Well, everything in life had an order; you go to school, you graduate, you find a job, you get married, you have children, you retire, you take care of your grandchildren, meanwhile, you meet with diseases that come gradually and if you are lucky, you say goodbye when the time of your life comes… It turns out that life does not say so. While you were thinking that you would knit it and finish it with straight loops, everything suddenly appeared like a pattern. In fact, the age in those poems have not always been 35, which is half of the way. I met my physician Ali the day I faced this reality. I went to him by taking my capsized soul. He welcomed me as a peaceful safe harbor. Now, I see that I am not the only one touching at this port. What storms, births and experiences it has hosted. How precious it was to be able to anchor there. At first, I thought it came early, and then I realized that it was even late as he taught me the value of life. I do not delay anything anymore... This year's wedding anniversary will be celebrated this year, flowers will be greeted while walking on the road, every morning when you wake up, you will say good morning to the face in the mirror with a big smile, you will hug when you want, it will say you when you are angry, it will not be waited for tomorrow to say I love you, I have a long list like this now. .. I know the value of the present that is mine, because there is neither yesterday nor tomorrow that has not been lived. In fact, this experience gave us life as a gift. Think about it, when the end that awaits every living thing is the same, what else could be as valuable as learning its value before it comes to an end? We are all born again... Of course, every moment of birth is painful, there is pain in it, there is fear, but if you wake up to life at the end, I think the rest of the day will come and be forgotten. I always thought cancer was death, it turned out to be realizing life and I thought it was a scalpel pain, but thanks to my physician Ali, I learned that it is also healing. I would like to express my endless thanks to physician Ali, who held our hands with his heart in this birth and enlightened us with his knowledge, I am glad that we have a port like you."


"My mother will have Breast CA surgery, I did a lot of researches, all the directions showed Ali ÖZLÜK, I met him, he is a very valuable person who can direct psychology well. I am glad to know him. My mother will have surgery tomorrow. May God grant my mother a good speedy recovery like all patients. I wish Dr. Ali a successful surgery."


"He is a very successful, well-equipped and caring doctor, especially in the breast ca surgeries. In addition to his dexterity, his relationship with the patient is at a very high level. He treated my grandmother with compassion throughout her treatment and was always there for her in her fight against the disease. At the age of 80, she successfully performed both breast surgeries of my grandmother and she was discharged in 4 days with the operation and after. God bless him. We wish you continued success with your family."

Durmuş K.

"I found Mr. Ali while researching because of my illness, he is truly a gentleman, an expert in his job and most importantly, he starts his job by listening to his patient first, respectfully and affectionately. God bless people and doctors who love their job, I wish them continued success."

Emine Ö.

"About a month and a half ago, I had surgery by Mr. Ali. Before the operation, I was directed to Mr. Ali by many people, I am glad that I came to Mr. Ali, I am very satisfied, my health is good now and I hope it will be good from now on. Mr. Ali approaches his patients like a brother and sister, he is an excellent person who makes one forget her illness. May my God keep him in our head and forgive his family and patients."

Ayşe E.

"Mr. Ali Özlük performed my wife's breast cancer surgery, after a successful operation, my wife returned to her health and continues her life more vigorously and healthily than before, so we would like to thank Mr. Ali Özlük, he is a successful doctor."

Bülent K.

"I met Dr. Ali ÖZLÜK at my mother's diagnosis of breast Ca. I am a healthcare worker myself; I have met many physicians due to my job: However, I have never met a physician like Mr. Ali. He is a very competent physician; his surgical success is very good. First of all, like a psychologist, he empathizes with patients and their relatives, improves their psychology and acts like a friend or relative. My mother is fine for now, thank goodness, she has no problems. May God protect our doctor; he will not leave us behind. Good luck to you. I offer my endless love and respect..."

Tülay B.

"Приношу огромную благодарность доктору за его профессиональную работу!! Операция по удалению опухоли в груди и подмышкой прошла очень успешно ,на следующий день уже была выписана домой, ко всему доктор сделал эстетический шов, что очень важно для женщины в любом возрасте. Золотые руки одним словом!! "

Lyabisia F.

"After my wife's breast ca diagnosis, Mr. Ali performed the cleaning of the axillary fossa lymph nodes and the skin guard surgery. He was really supportive during the decision process of the operation, after the operation and in the current controls, the operation was very successful both surgically and aesthetically. Thank God, my wife regained her health. As a whole family, we are grateful to Mr. Ali. The research we conducted in Antalya and other cities before the operation also directed us to Mr. Ali."

İlyas Ö.

"I learned about my breast ca disease in 2006. I can say that Mr. Ali is both my doctor who performed the surgical intervention and my psychologist. I met him on the advice of another friend of mine and I thank my doctor, who diagnosed my disease and benefited from all his knowledge during my treatment, a thousand times, God bless us. I am glad that they are present......."

Ayşe T.


R. Mataracı

"I am grateful to Mr. Ali for his support from the day my treatment started to this day. Here I send my respect and love to him. As a caring doctor, who can empathize with his patient so much and who is competent in his job, I wish him well, I am glad to continue on my way with you. Thanks again for all your hard work."

Gönül İ.

"I would like to thank my doctor Ali Özlük for his closeness and care during the treatment of my wife. He has always been with us in our fight against breast cancer. It is good luck to you. Thanks again, love."

Cansu O.

"Dear physician, I am glad that I got to know you thanks to my physician Seyfettin Kaya. No matter how good the hospital is, I learned the importance of choosing a doctor first, thanks to you. My health is better."

Ayhan Ş.

"On January 5, 2012, my right breast was removed. I myself worked at the hospital for 21 years and am retired. He motivates his patient so well before the operation, I entered with a smile, I woke up very peacefully pain-free after the operation, you are close to your patients like a brother and sister, God bless you, I love you so much my dear doctor, regards...."

Ayşe K.

"My surgery was performed by Mr. Ali Özlük on Thursday, March 1, 2012 and the mass in my left breast was removed. His interest, relevance and knowledge before the operation gave me a lot of confidence and I had a successful operation as a result. I have no pain, I have no ache, I am extremely satisfied with my doctor, the best thing is you can always call for any questions, I thank him very much, he helped me overcome this difficult process successfully, I hope that the number of qualified doctors like him in our country will increase."

Neriman K.

"Two days ago, I had an operation from Mr. Ali. He successfully removed the mass in my left breast. I did not feel any pain during or after the operation. There was no situation that required me to use painkillers for 2 days. If he had not been so optimistic and concerned about this treatment, I might not have been so calm at the moment due to my situation. I would definitely recommend him in the field of General Surgery."


"Our doctor, ALİ ÖZLÜK, who collected the thousand pieces that fell from our faces and put a big smile in their place, thank you very much for your effort and most importantly for your humanity……."

Nazire G.

"Дорогие друзья Доктор Али Озлюк бесконечно талантливый Хирург. Единственный ,кто по существу объяснил и успокоил.В кратчайшие сроки провёл операцию и обеспечил абсолютно безболезненную реабилитацию.Не сомневайтесь ни одного мгновения,отдайте себя в руки хирурга от Бога и великодушного человека. С уважением"

Анна З.

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