Staging in the Breast Cancer



After the diagnosis of the breast cancer is made by biopsy, we need to know at what stage the disease is. Today, individual treatments are applied in the treatment of the breast cancer and for this; we need to know all the data of the patient about the breast cancer namely at what stage the disease is before starting the treatment of the disease. Because we do not start the treatment of every patient with a surgical process after the breast cancer staging is done. We can also start a group of patients with the treatment method, which we call neoadjuvant treatment; with drug treatment first and then we apply surgery after the stage of the disease regresses. We use the following as classic staging tools; 

Liver ultrasound, chest X-ray, whole body bone scintigraphy and blood tests are done. Today, PET CT, which is one of the modern technologies, can search for staging and metastasis in the body. 

In the breast cancer staging, it is classified according to tumor size and distribution within the breast (T), disease status in regional lymph nodes (N) and presence of metastases in distant organs outside the breast (M). This classification is called TNM classification. It should be done when starting breast cancer treatment. 

If we explain the staging in breast cancer simply; 

Stage 0: The disease we call in situ only has the potential to spread within the milk ducts or milk sacculations. 

Stage 1: The disease is only in the breast, the tumor is smaller than 2 cm and there is no diseased lymph node in the axillary fossa. 

Stage 2: The disease is smaller than 2 cm in the breast only, but there is disease in the axillary lymph nodes or there is no disease in the axillary fossa with a tumor larger than 2 cm. 

Stage 3: The disease in the breast, the tumor is large in size, the tumor is widely distributed in the axillary lymph nodes and there is disease in the regional lymph nodes, the tumor involving the skin of the breast and/or the chest wall. 

Stage 4: The disease now has metastases to distant organs other than the breast. 

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