Benign Masses in the Breast


They are the fluid-filled globules originating from the milk ducts in the breast. The fibrocystic breast tissue and fibro cysts occur in 60% of women and are of varying sizes (millimetric and sometimes several centimeters). Rarely, it can reach large sizes, which we call macrocysts. Simple cysts have no risk of becoming cancerous. Diagnosis is made by the breast ultrasonography. They do not require surgical treatment. In macrocysts, the cyst content can be drained with a needle for the diagnosis and treatment. The suspicious or complex cysts can require thick-cut needle biopsy or surgical biopsy. Medication is recommended for the painful fibrocystic breasts. Follow up is enough. 



They are the most common benign masses in the breast. 80% of masses in the breast are fibroadenom. It is common in young women. They are usually mobile masses with smooth borders in rubber consistency. 

In women over 40 years of age, fibroadenom is required to be removed absolutely if the growth rate is high (increased within a few weeks), if they are larger than 2 cm and if there is a family history of the breast cancer. Rapidly growing giant fibroadenomas (greater than 5 cm) can be seen in adolescent girls. These also need to be surgically removed. In some patients, the presence of the mass in the breast tissue also disturbs the patient, in this case, surgical removal of the mass is recommended. 


It constitutes less than 1% of the breast tumors. The majority (such as fibroadenomas) are benign tumors. It can grow very quickly and rarely can be found in malignant forms. On examination, it is palpated as a firm and mobile mass. 

It can be confused clinically with giant fibroadenomas. It is extremely difficult to distinguish between fibroadenomas and phyllodes tumors with imaging methods. Definitive diagnosis is made by pathological examination as a result of surgical removal of the entire mass. 

In phyllodes tumors, removing a small amount of normal breast tissue from the surrounding of the mass is sufficient for its treatment. 


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