Granulomatous Mastitis

There are two types including tuberculous mastitis and idiopathic lobular granulomatous mastitis. 

Tuberculosis mastitis is more common in developing countries such as our country and in the patients with suppressed immune system (such as AIDS, chronic kidney failure). In tuberculosis mastitis, clinical pictures such as fistula in the form of mouthing of the abscess on the breast skin, mass in the breast, and mass with discharge in the axillary fossa or abscess are seen. 

Idiopathic granulomatous lobular mastitis is common in the patients of childbearing age. It is thought to occur as a result of the over-reaction of the immune system towards the breast (autoimmune). Past infection or trauma can also be seen among the causes. 

It is often confused with the breast cancer (especially inflammatory breast cancer) and tuberculosis mastitis, both clinically and radiologically (ultrasonography, mammography, magnetic resonance imaging). Recurrent breast abscesses are seen despite antibiotic therapy. 

Tuberculosis tests are negative in samples taken from abscess or tissue. Differential diagnosis from cancer in USG, MMG and breast MRI examinations is very difficult and requires experience. The suspicious breast tissue taken for definitive diagnosis is required to be sent to pathology. 

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