Breast Infections

They are microbial infections of the breast tissue. It usually occurs due to cracks in the breast nipple during breastfeeding (lactation). 

Signs of the infection in the breast are firmness, redness, pain and increased skin temperature. 

If there is no abscess yet but only signs of the infection, antibiotic treatment can be applied. 

If the abscess has developed, it should be drained (emptied). Although this process can be done with a needle, it can sometimes require open surgical drainage. In all cases, antibiotic therapy should be continued for a long time. 

In some cases, inflammatory breast cancer, which is an important form of the breast cancer, can give similar findings to the breast infection. In this case, the doctor should be very careful. If there is no regression in the symptoms of the patient, who is called for a follow-up control shortly after the use of antibiotic treatment after the approach and examinations, it is necessary to keep in mind whether it is inflammatory breast cancer and to perform a pathological examination with skin biopsy. 

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