Pain in the Breast (Mastalgia – Mastodynia)

The pain in the breast is one of the most common breast complaints. More than the pain occurred in the breast, women are disturbed by anxious thoughts such as why does the pain occur, is it a symptom of an important disease? For this reason, they often consult a doctor. Most of the pains occurred in the breast is the usual physiological pain that occurs in relation to the menstrual cycle. However, since pain occurs in the breast, it is useful to consult a doctor. 

In the breast cancer, the symptoms such as pain, twinge and tightness in the breast are not seen in most cases. The breast cancer often does not cause pain. 

The most common cause of the pain and twinge in the breast is hormonal changes. The hormonal fluctuations before the menstrual periods or seasonal changes can cause pain, twinge and tension in the breast. 

In women whose fibrocystic structure is distinct in the breast, the pain and twinge are relatively more common than other women. 

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